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Friday, July 20, 2007

Free for all

As of this writing, you can make free calls around the world* using ViaTalk Free. This service will connect your instrument (landline or cellphone) to the person you're calling, as opposed to the conventional manner of having you shout over a PC microphone. I have no information on how long this promotion will be running, so make use of it while you can. I myself haven't been able to talk to anyone outside of the quick test I ran with a co-worker as the only person I can think of calling is my mother is Pennsylvania, but I keep getting voicemail.

For persons with smartphones and/or WAP/GPRS, you can visit the site and initiate calls using the very same instrument as opposed to a regular PC. It's pretty impressive on my Blackberry.

This is a nice throwback to the heydays of Net2Phone and other online telephony companies. Give your cellphone bill a well needed hiatus and be sure to say thanks to the nice folks at ViaTalk.

(*I haven't verified this, I'm just saying is all.)

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