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Monday, May 07, 2007

I love it when you get Feisty

I am on cloud 9 with my Kubuntu 7.04 setup. I did a clean install, forgoing all my misconfiguration woes etc. from my previous version.

I installed a few basic applications including the LAMP stack for WataCrackaz development.

I then installed Beryl, which unlike my last attempt to install, was located in the online repository and as such was a hop, skip and an apt-get away.

Next on the list was Automatix which I used to boost the default multimedia offerings (which weren't many) of Feisty. During the package selection process I came across the application that was supposed to be next in my to-do list: VirtualBox. After about an hour of having Automatix run through the installations, I did a restart and was then looking at what had to be the nicest, easiest to configure Linux desktop I've ever had the pleasure of setting up.

I loaded VirtualBox, set up a virtual machine, installed Windows and Office, dragged the window to the right of my desktop cube where it currently sits, waiting to serve up some win32 goodness on a whim.

For now at least, not only is Linux stable, secure and productive, but for the first time in a long time, Linux is actually fun. I'm grinning like a school boy.

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