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don't just know technology, understand it

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Computer Science doesn't get it's due

A common misconception of the field of technology is that we who are in it are all the same. Unless you're a Computer Scientist or an IT professional yourself, there seems to be this overwhelming conviction that one is as good as the other which has lead to the general label of "Computer Guy".

Many find the labelling offensive. Maybe offensive is too strong a word, but the stereotype attached to this label in no way reflects the true knowledge, understanding and maturity that one must posses in order to acquire even the smallest of qualifications at a professional level. To class a computer scientist in the same way you'd refer to your neighbourhood computer wiz-kid is like mentioning Evel Knievel in the same sentence as your 5 yo on a three wheeler.

I too am guilty of such generalisations within other disciplines. I refer to anyone who deals with vision as an eye doctor; anyone who deals with teeth a dentist; and anyone who cuts you open a surgeon. I have no time to take note of the distinction so I suppose I should not expect anything more of others.

File this under pet peeves that will probably never be addressed, but then, I don't think peeves were ever meant to.